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Navigating routes

Rent a boat in Belgium: Flanders, Wallonia, Northern-France

Of course you can choose your own navigating route. Here are some suggestions.






1 week aller-retour 24u Kortrijk – Doornik – Mons scheepsliften Strephy-Mons – Doornik – Kortrijk
1 week aller-retour 24u Kortrijk – Rijsel via Spierrekanaal (min 4 dagen) – Kortrijk
midweek aller-retour 20u Kortrijk – Deinze – Gent – Oudenaarde – Kortrijk
midweek aller-retour 24u Kortrijk – Deinze – Gent – Brugge – Kortrijk
10 dagen aller-retour 34u Kortrijk – Rijsel – Arras – Douai – Lille – Kortrijk
2 weken aller-retour 52u Kortrijk – Doornik – Ath – Aalst – Dendermonde – Gent – Deinze – Kortrijk
in flanders fields - beach

vaarroute-kust-cultuurstedenNieuwpoort – Brugge – Gent – Deinze – Brugge – Nieuwpoort (- Ieper – Veurne – Diksmuide – Nieuwpoort)

7 days
12 days
192 km
283 km
4 locks
13 locks
40 hours
70 hours


download pdf
cultural cities Ghent - Bruges

vaarroute-vlaame-cultuurstedenKortrijk – Deinze – Gent – Brugge – (Eeklo) – Deinze – Kortrijk

4-5 dagen
5-6 dagen
180 km
210 km
4 sluizen
6 sluizen
21 vaaruren
25,5 vaaruren
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Big bboattour

vaarroute-westhoek-frankrijkKortrijk – Menen – Aire sur la Lys – Bergues – Veurne – (Diksmuide) – Brugge – Gent – Deinze – Kortrijk

10 dagen
12 dagen
322 km
375 km
19 sluizen
19 sluizen
45 vaaruren
52 vaaruren
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Canal Spierre - Lille

vaarroute-rijsel-via-spierrekanaalKortrijk – Bossuit – Lille – Menen – Kortrijk

3-4 dagen 98 km 29 sluizen 19 vaaruren
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The flamish art towns cruise

Kortrijk – Oudenaarde – Gent – Brugge – Deinze – Kortrijk

Een vaarroute langs Vlaamse kunststeden: » download pdf

7 dagen 215 km 16 sluizen 30 vaaruren
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Leie en Schelde

Kortrijk – Deinze – Gent – Oudenaarde – (Doornik) – Kortrijk


4 dagen
5-6 dagen
116 km
148 km
10 sluizen
14 sluizen
21 vaaruren
27 vaaruren
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Tell us what you want and like. Then we can offer you customised information!

‘The Belgium canals & Rivers are the undiscovered jewel of European waterways’

Flanders, a pearl yet to be discovered

Containing more than 950 km of navigable rivers and canals, Flanders is one of the most interconnected regions of Europe. Discover the many charming cities and towns, each with their own local products and activities. Think of popular places such as Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Lille… Immerse yourself in the cultural and gastronomical surprises that these vibrant and interesting places have to offer. When mooring in these iconic locations, the harbour masters will be more than happy to give you a hand and welcome you at their habitat. If you would rather take a break from the vivacity of city life, then navigate in Flanders’ picturesque, rural watercourses. Westhoek and Leie are highly recommended. Here’s a tip we would like to share with you: taste our delicious, world-famous Belgian beers in a local pub or at a cosy terrace. Also to discover: Flanders Fields. The history of World War I will undoubtedly capture your imagination. Thousands of white graves remind us of this dark page in Belgian history. The remembrance has been kept in tradition since those dark times, with a performance of the ‘Last Post’ at 8PM daily. Seeing this respectful event will remain with you forever. Curious for the Belgian coast? Breathe in the fresh sea air on a yacht in Ostend or Newport. At night, you can take a romantic walk on the beach and go out for dinner in one of the many restaurants on the seaside and definitely taste our popular Belgian mussels with french fries. Are you ready to discover this new cruising area with us?

100 jaar Groote oorlog

Herdenk de Groote oorlog in de omgeving Nieuwpoort – Diksmuide – Ieper

levendige cultuursteden

Varen en aanmeren in de centra van Brugge, Gent & Rijsel

Uitbegreid genieten

Winkelen, gastronomie, cultuur, architectuur en natuurlijk bier en chocolade

Zee & strand

Dagje strand en zee mogelijk



To visit


Culture and History

Ghent, Antwerp, Kortrijk, Ypres, Lille, ….

Kust België

A day coast

Newport, Ostend

Bootvakantie in Vlaanderen België

Cycling, Flanders the perfect location.

Near all ports, bicycle rental is possible …


Nightlife: In many places possible


Chocolate…. Delicious !!


Calm and blissful waterways



everywhere possible

iedereen kapitein bij Bboat bootverhuur

Flanders Field

Ypres,  Veurne, Passendale, Diksmuide

winkelen bboat

Shopping and Markets.